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Best WordPress Theme 2019

UPDATED: August 14, 2019:

We no longer recommend the Flatsome wordpress theme. The functionality just isn’t there and they are no longer making improvements. Technology and especially website technology is constantly changing and some companies can’t seem to catch up.

As a digital marketing agency, we are constantly on the hunt for quality WordPress themes to design outstanding websites for our clients (At least, we WERE until now, but we’ll get to that). Sure, a 100% custom developed website gets you exactly what you want, but that takes a significantly longer time to create and costs a ton more.

In addition, the custom website builds most likely lack the robust options of a pre-built theme if you decide later that you want to add a new feature or change a style. A WordPress theme makes more sense for a majority of our clients who need a professional-quality with a lower price and faster launch. So, who’s the winner? Flatsome, hands down. The Flatsome theme wins our vote for the Best WordPress Theme 2019.

So, What Makes Flatsome The Best WordPress Theme?

We’ve thought about it, and outlined why we love it below. Trust us, we’ve worked with most of the themes out there and here’s what makes Flatsome stand out:

User-Friendly UX Builder

Somehow, the Flatsome WordPress theme has managed to create a powerhouse visual editor that is easy to use, intuitive, and robust. What does that mean? Firstly, they offer amazing tutorials to walk you through the basics. Once you learn how to add elements, you have a very easy-to-use website builder that does all the heavy development lifting for you.

For example, their beautiful system lets you create “sections” and even drag them around if you want to move them up or down the page. They offer a row and column format for a more developer-friendly layout. Plus, they have grid options, and parallax settings, and all the bells and whistles many companies like these days.

Meanwhile, Flatsome has managed to streamline the code so it works well with search engine requirements and SEO best-practices. Also, you can import demos, including individual elements, or full page designs, and just change the images and text, so you can skip some steps in the UX wireframe process. This alone makes building a website much faster for our clients.

Mobile Responsive Options

Today, a majority of website traffic comes from smartphones. Period. End of sentence. You HAVE to have a mobile-friendly website. In other words, Flatsome gives you the option to hide elements or show elements only on mobile, desktop, or tablets, so you can really control how your website looks on different devices. It also lets you edit style settings for each device. With this option, you can see previews on the device as you work.

flatsome mobile responsive options

Intuitive Theme Options

The Flatsome Theme options give you all of your base settings in one place. This makes the build efficient and lets you control the styling. For example, you just upload your logo, select your colors, header layout, menus, and so on. There is also a capability of custom CSS if you just want that extra custom edge.

flatsome theme options

Awesome Customer Support

As a rule, there will always be issues. There are so many integrations and options out there and no theme is perfect (although we think Flatsome is close). Whenever we have had an issue in the past, the Flatsome support team has been there for us to solve the problem. The Flatsome how-to video guides are a quick and easy way to learn how to use their theme. Integrations…(Cory talk here.

And The Final Reason…It’s Just. Plain. SEXY.

To sum it all up, Flatsome is clean, polished, and multi-use. Whether you want a fancy and animated site or a clean and minimal site, it truly has everything you need to make that happen, the way you want it.

Thank you Flatsome! You are definitely get our award for Best WordPress Theme 2019. Keep up the good work!

Oh and by the way, our website is built on Flatsome.

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