Rise from the Ashes

Rise From The Ashes

From time to time, we like to give a little sage advice to our customers and friends. Sometimes it comes from a professional place of courtesy and encouragement. Other times it comes from a motivational point of reference. This time, it comes from a place of experience and hope.

Yes we are small business owners, and yes I said HOPE…which is a very powerful word.

Hope is defined as:

– a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
– a  feeling of trust

So why is it so important in my business and how do I cultivate it? Why does it become such an important part of a business equation when it’s a feeling? What does it really do for me? These are questions that we all ask ourselves on a daily basis, especially as small business entrepreneurs.

In our experience, hope is the life blood of any business. It is our unwavering hope that allows us to wake up every morning and be excellent because it continues to re-enforces our FAITH that we are on the right path in our business. It doesn’t matter if you are selling peanuts to grocery stores or introducing a fresh product to a new market, your driver as a small business curator is the hope that your product or service will become successful enough to be a formidable force in the financial success of your business. It is the glimmer in your eye, the extra swing in your step, and the reason why you have ultimately become a small business owner, whether you realize it or not.

Having an expectation or desire for things to go a certain way in your business is a very healthy practice and should be something that is second nature to all of us growing a business. However, we have to know that we will not always get what we want and the outcome may not be what was expected. This is the part where you have to exercise that faith in yourself and see it through the hurdles. Sometimes that means destruction and re-growth. So many people in small business set out with a goal to complete something and get knocked off track. This is the part where it is very easy to step away from the process and just say “that didn’t work.” We are all guilty of giving up at times, but what we would like to say to you, is that creation breeds destruction breeds creation breeds growth. Everything goes in cycles, and you as a small business owner have to be flexible in order to grow and learn. Growth hurts…period. If its not hurting, you are not doing it right!

A  feeling of trust…..this is a big one. Trust starts with self. If you cannot trust yourself and the decisions you are making then no one can follow you and help you grow. Faith in the people that you decide to work with is so important. A client can have the best product and the best team but if they don’t have the trust of their peers and everyone who is trying to be part of the creation process, it will fall apart. If you are reading this post and you are questioning parts of your organization then you are not set up to grow. Business growth is like fire…it’s volatile, hot and fierce. Fire is a hard force to control, but when harnessed, it is extremely powerful and productive.

When we take on new clients at Purge Marketing, we like to ask them, “What is your vision for growth?” Often, they do not have an answer. It’s possible they have no answer because they’ve been buried in the ash from the fire of small business and have lost sight of their goals, aspirations and general purpose for which they started their business in the first place. It’s easy to be a hot ember in the coals, but our challenge to other small business owners is this. BE THE PHOENIX RISING. Shake the ashes off, look up, and push yourself. Listen to that little inner voice that tells you when something is off, and fix it! Trust yourself and the people you surround yourself with, and never live in regret. Curate hope in your business and amazing things will happen.

When the fire of growth comes to your doorstep, have HOPE so you will be ready to take flight instead of getting buried.


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