how to be more creative

How To Be More Creative

As a designer, photographer, artist, and business owner, I’ve struggled at times with always delivering my best work. After all, how can you expect someone to be creative all day, every day? Where does that creativity come from and how do I force it? I’ve asked myself that question and have come up with ways to help tap into the passion, brain power, and knowledge I know is in there.

Start your day with intention.

I’ve noticed that the mood in the first hour of the day typically dictates how the rest of the day will go. If it starts with discouraged feelings, the stresses of the day escalate and become overwhelming. Once that ball starts rolling, excessive time may be spent complaining to others or feeling negative thoughts, which halts productivity and progress. Tapping into your creativity will be more natural if you start your day by setting the intention for how your day will go; say to yourself “today I intend to accomplish [enter goals here]” or “today I will turn all of my negative thoughts into positive thoughts”, or whatever fits your day’s activities. Then check yourself throughout the day and make sure you are staying on track with your intention. If you notice discouragement or negative thoughts, or even others around you dragging you down, take ten breaths and reset your intention. I promise it works!

Google it. Pinterest it. Instagram it.

Sometimes being inspired by what others have done is the best way to instigate your own creativity. Are you working on a big design project and feeling stuck? Google keywords associated with your project, or your target market, or other companies who offer the same services as your client, and see what catches your eye. Take notes or elements from what you like for inspiration as you create. For example, when I need fresh ideas for color combinations, I type “color combinations” into pinterest and voila…inspiration worm hole opens!

Photograph something.

Photography can force you to have a new perspective. And I’m not talking about “selfies”! Looking at the world around you through a lens can help you exist “in the moment” and see textures, colors, compositions, and subjects you may miss on a normal day. A 50 mm lens is true to what you see naturally, so try a wide angle or a macro zoom lens to emphasize a unique way of “seeing”. Practice framing what you see inside the lens, and push yourself out of the norm. For example, I was photographing downtown Dallas one day and noticed other photographers were interested in a popular fountain. Instead of photographing the fountain, I chose to look closer and photographed the drain. I won the “people’s choice” in a photography competition because of the unique viewpoint. This also helped me look at my environment with a new perspective.

Tapping into your creativity through PLAY!

This is a simple concept but one most of us forget to do as we get overwhelmed by responsibilities. Get in touch with your inner child! Play an instrument, play in the backyard with your dog, play a game, or play with whoever and whatever makes you feel carefree! We all need to lighten up at times. When we’re too serious or stressed, we tend to close ourselves to the wonders of the world. When we find our child-like wonder, we are more open to creativity and growth, and we’re happier! Live spherically!

These tools have helped me daily. When you need help in tapping into your creativity, whether for a design project, a team meeting, or even personal situations, what works for you? How do you tap into your creativity and feel inspired? We welcome your comments below.


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