5 reasons to update your website right now


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A very common occurrence when we take on new clients is their extremely outdated website. You know, the one that was built 10 years ago and has been sitting in the ether, all alone, with no interaction. The biggest problem with that scenario is that technology has vastly changed from 6 months ago, let alone years ago! The “set it and forget it” mentality of old doesn’t work for businesses anymore, unless you have someone to constantly update your website.

The businesses succeeding NOW are the ones who stay current. Why is this so important?

  1. Security: This is the least sexy, but most important reason. For example, one of our clients hadn’t updated it’s website or server technology in years, and hackers were using it’s domain to act out all kinds of nefarious malfeasance. After several months we were able to improve it’s online reputation and web presence. Our client could have saved money and time by taking precautions before this happened. Internet security is constantly changing and to avoid exploitation, spamming, advertising hacks, and more, it’s important to have someone looking after your website code. It’s also essential to host your website and other online platforms on a secure server. We recommend Purge Marketing’s website hosting membership for best-in-class security and hosting.
  2. Reputation: Let’s face it…in today’s society, if you don’t have a website, you don’t have a business. When you create new client relationships, the first thing they are likely to do is visit your website and social media. What message will you be sending them if your website is outdated or if you lack digital organization?The first impression your clients or customers will have of your business depends on your digital presence. Relevant content, a consistent brand image, and current news is the best impression you can make.
  3. Search Engine Ranking: Google influences a vast majority of content marketing strategies these days. They also provide the tools to grow your business. The success of your website relies heavily on how Google and other search engines rank your site.The main factors determining your website ranking are quality and relevant content and delivery frequency, base website code, and social media, all of which take constant planning and maintaining. If your website remains static for long periods of time, the search engines will assume nobody is interested because the content isn’t fresh. Ask Purge Marketing about content and social media marketing plans.
  4. Everyone is Mobile: Your customers aren’t just sitting at desks all day. They are on their phones and tablets. They’re interacting in the world. Is your website responsive across all devices and platforms? Does it keep your audience interested and interacting with your company? Depending on your industry, your business could be missing out on up to 80% of potential customers if they can’t access and interact with your website on a smartphone or tablet.
  5. Metrics: Tracking your website traffic with digestible data is the key to understanding your audience and adjusting your marketing practices to reach them effectively. Analytics tools make it easy to do this, and if your website isn’t utilizing those tools, it’s definitely time to call on the pros.

Your website presence should be a priority. If you have questions or would like to find out the best plan of action for your business, contact the experts at Purge Marketing today!

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